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International Medical Support

International Business Operations

The IMS Group provides consultation regarding health checkups and medical care for people from overseas.
If you would like to be seen by a physician in Japan and to receive treatment in Japan, please feel free to contact us. Contact information is provided below.

  • Consultation regarding hospital visits and medical care (comprehensive checkups and health checkups) for people from overseas

We accept applications from patients from overseas, and from agents in Japan.
If you would like to have more tests and/or follow-up visits after being seen by a physician, follow-up is provided at IMS Group hospitals

If you would like to have more specific test, PET/CT is available as an option
Medical facility:Tokorozawa PET Diagnostic Imaging Clinic

  • Consultation regarding hospital visits, medical care and hospitalization at hospitals for patients from overseas, applications for medical visas, consultation regarding interpreting and translation

We will introduce you to I-Cell Networks, a company that is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to act as a guarantor for foreign patients

※I-Cell Networks is a company that has been approved to act as a guarantor for foreign patients (a registered medical coordinator). Please refer to the following website for detailed information.

【Consultation process for patients from overseas (excerpt)】

Consultation with agent in Japan, or with foreigner living in Japan, about hospital visit for foreign patient
Confirmation of basic information (name, date of birth, gender, nationality), etc.
Confirmation of preferred visit dates, content of tests, number of people being seen and interpreters, need for translation

Notification of whether or not the patient can be seen
・Provision of information about facilities that can see the patient (expenses, tests, etc.)

The process up to the point of the visit (kit for hospital visit, deposit of payment, precautions, etc.) is explained.
The process following the visit, up to the point where results are sent to the patient, is explained.
Interpreting is provided on the day of the visit (name and contact information of interpreter).

【Comprehensive checkup package for foreigners】

  • ¥70,200(Tax-in)~

Comprehensive checkup is not eligible for tax-free procedure.
This price is subject to consumption tax

Reffere to the screening item ▶︎

【Contact information】

I-Cell Networks Corp.
International Department